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1199€ (pair)

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Mid level bookshelf speakers

Frequency response:35hz-20khz +/-3db(in room)



Weight:11.5kg piece




Enclosure type: PR passive radiator

Cross over point: 2100hz

DS-6 are our mid level speakers . They are using technologies from our flag ship speakers RSB-6.

They have 44mm thick front baffles and really well braced enclosures to prevent any distortion and compression from cabinet resonances. Inside there are two types of absorption materials .Crossovers are using high quality components. All coils are Air coils from Jantzen audio. Resistors are from Jantzen with 1percent tolerance. Caps on the tweeter circuit are Jantzen Standard Z-caps. On the midbass circuit there are Jantzen Cross-caps and one Mundorf E-cap that is bypassed with Jantzen Cross-cap.Wires are from Britain brand QED .We are using point to point Crossovers topology to minimize any signal losses. Paper cone High excursion Midbass driver to reproduce most natural and textured bass and clean mid frequencies .Silk dome tweeter with damped rear chamber that is able to play from 1khz.

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